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Learning in dreams.

El sueño en mi pared
por Jane Medina

Tengo un sueño en mi pared.
Lo dibujé durante el segundo grado.
La maestra nos dijo:
_____—Niñas y niños, dibujen sus sueños,
_____dibujen los sueños que sólo ustedes pueden ver.
Casi todos los niños dibujaron
_____salones llenos de billetes,
_____o casas bonitas con flores y chimeneas,
_____o juguetes o dulces o Disneylandia.
Pero yo dibujé un sueño
_____de un salón de clase lleno de niños
_____y una maestra morena bonita
_____muy parecida a mí.

Tengo un sueño en mi pared.
Lo pegué con cinta adhesiva.
Las puntas de la cinta están despegándose ahora.

The Dream on My Wall
by Jane Medina

I have a dream on my wall.
I drew it in the second grade.
The teacher said,
_____“Draw your dreams, boys and girls.
_____Draw the dreams that only you can see.”
Most kids drew
_____rooms full of dollar bills,
_____or pretty houses with flowers and chimneys,
_____or toys or candy or Disneyland.
But I drew a dream
_____of a class full of kids
_____and a pretty brown teacher
_____who looked just like me.

I have a dream on my wall.
I stuck it there with yellow tape.
Now the tape is curling at the ends.

The Problem We All Live With by Norman Rockwell

What are the implications of an education system where the majority of educators and administrators—those who (theoretically) hold positions of authority and power over students—are White? As a child, I had very few teachers of color. How did this subconsciously impact my own perspectives and prejudices? What possibilities and potentials can arise when children experience and become accustomed to a diverse spectrum of individuals holding positions of power and authority?

What does it mean for me to be another White Man in a position of authority? How can I use this power to play with the power dynamics that have allowed me my own power and privilege in this country, community, classroom? How do I use this power responsibly, and what am I accountable to do with it?


Learning in visions.

Essence by Jaison Cianelli, 2010

Teaching is a Poem.

A Walk in the Park II by Wosene Worke Kosrof, 2004

Teaching is Re-Shaping Spaces.

Horror vacui (Fear of Empty Spaces) by Carlos Estévez, 2004

Teaching is Organic.

Karnka Tjukurpa (Crow Dreaming) by Katrina Pollard Nampitjinpa, 2008

Teaching is Magical.

Magic Chakra by Steve Panella, 2007

Teaching is an Infinite (Self-)Journey.

“Swans” by M. C. Escher, 1956

Teaching is Uniting.“Bond of Union” by M. C. Escher, 1956

Teaching is rhythmic.

“Stadia II” by Julie Mehretu, 2004

Teaching is healing.

“Healing Dance” by Chidi Okoye, 1996

Look up to the moon and sacred mountains

of the sky

Listen to the songs of sacred land

Feel the healing wind of sea

Step into the vibrations of energizing

songs of sun.

Let’s dance beyond rhythm of sorrow

Lift our legs and hands in praise

of life

Dance to the wind of drums for the

rejuvenation of souls.