Teaching is Re-Shaping Spaces.

Horror vacui (Fear of Empty Spaces) by Carlos Estévez, 2004


2 thoughts on “Teaching is Re-Shaping Spaces.

  1. I am always fascinated with the images you come across. You need to share your methods for searching and discovering them. They are always so wonderful!

    • RLT says:

      Your comment makes me smile! My strategy is pretty disorganized…. I just save every image I encounter that moves me. (I also google image random words/things I have been thinking about in reference to teaching and otherwise, so I guess it makes them relevant?) My computer desktop is a scattered mess, but I like to think I can find some gems here and there :]

      For me, visual art is an incredible learning tool. I think uncovering ways to express ideas, feelings, concepts through multiple dimensions/mediums is super critical. Art+Poetry are some themes outside of my comfort zone that I am currently exploring… Any thoughts on other forms/mediums of expression to investigate?

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