Teaching is Wizardry.

The more I take on and experiment with the role of Teacher, the more I am beginning to see this practice as a magical play of energies. From the way we set up our spaces for learning to the specific things we say and how we say them, we mold and shape the energies of the classroom space. From the physical movement of student bodies as they transition between tasks to the social dynamics framed within the communities we build, we facilitate the daily exchange of energies among and between diverse groups of learners. Just one word or phrase from the mouth of the Teacher can completely shift and even transform the climate of the classroom—what an incredible power!

When we are given the space/opportunity to manage a classroom, we are given these magical powers to mold and shape communal experience. With what appears to be the simple wave of a wand and incantation of a few spells, twenty+ bodies are forced/guided/led/inspired to behave/move/attend/interact in particular ways.

The discussion skills and techniques we are learning/using are like a collection of incantations for controlling and creating constructive classroom spaces. When we refine our skilled use of these incantations, we harness the magical power we are given as Teachers. How can we ensure that we use this Power for good purposes? What are the things that will tempt us to use this Power in ways that are not for the benefit of our students? How can we ensure the intoxication of power does not blur our vision of our goals and focus—the Students?


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