Teaching is Fostering Resiliency.

As teachers, we will be Mandated Reporters of child abuse and neglect. We will be in a position of using professional judgement to identify cases of abuse and neglect, spanning the spectrum of physical, emotional, sexual, and beyond. Unfortunately, these traumas will be an all too present reality for many of the students in our schools.

Along with being a Mandated Reporter, I believe we should also see our role as being a Resiliency Mentor. We are ideally positioned to promote resiliency in our classrooms. We can demonstrate positive coping skills, provide opportunities for outlets through writing and art, build our students’ self-confidence and self-worth, cultivate community to ensure a healthy social support system for all students, be a nurturing and compassionate secondary caregiver and trusted adult. Signs of abuse and neglect are symptoms of a social trauma and violence. Some may also be indicators that we are not doing all that we can as educators to foster resiliency among our young learners. Resiliency is not only a coping mechanism for the abused and neglected; it is a preventative mechanism for everybody and everyone.


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